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上個星期到咗Portland,第一個感覺係啲橋好厲害,所以琴日就租咗一首船遊 Willamette River 影橋。旅遊非常愉快,啲橋好驚人。多過12條橋,採用最少四個方法吊起或轉移橋段嚟俾啲船經過,大部份係1907-1925之間起嘅。唯一唔好彩係天氣。多雲,無太陽

When we arrived in Portland last week, the thing that struck me most were the bridges. Incredible! More than 12 bridges over the main river with four different mechanisms for lifting or moving to allow tall ships to pass.

Yesterday, we rented a boat and travelled Willamette River at sunrise to photograph the bridges. A great ride and very educational. The only downside was the weather; completely overcast and no sunlight. Makes photographing up at the bridges very challenging.