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抹費唔平,尤其支 70-300 DO 鏡,但係對用手動對焦唔擺腳架影大小動物嘅我,呢支係相當好用,相當重要,所以唔抹唔得。


呢三支鏡已經陪伴我好多年。支 17-40 係2008年買。支 24-105 係2007年買,而支 70-300 DO 更耐,係2005年買

袋鼠呢張相係我哋其中一次去 caravaning 嘅時候,喺啱啱日落後五點二十五分,用 70-300 DO 影嘅。

We travelled to the U.S. for two and a half months, then to Australia for 3 months. In that time, we took thousands of photos and recorded hundreds of hours of video. After returning to Hong Kong, taking the lenses to get cleaned was a given.

The cleaning fees are not cheap, especially the 70-300 DO lense, but to someone who photographs small and large animals with manual focus and without a tripod, this lense is extremely important, so I had no choice but to get it cleaned.

We have an electric drybox, but for a period of time last year, the drybox was not working and I was not aware of it, so some mould did develop in my lenses.

These three lenses have been with me for many years. The 17-40 was bought in 2008. The 24-105 was bought in 2007. The 70-300 DO is even older; it was bought in 2005!

The kangaroo photo was taken with the 70-300 DO just after sunset at 5:25pm while on one of our caravan trips.