I believe that all “viruses”…

I believe that all “viruses” which can significantly harm people are man-engineered. AIDS, anthrax, SARS… but here’s one “virus” that turned out not to be a virus while being one of the reasons that we have “vaccines” today: Polio.


I placed “viruses” in quotes because viruses are not a real thing. they are in fact the protein debris of cells that have died. this debris exists all around us and is harmless to people when it enters the body via the lungs, gut or skin. only the proteins that have been specifically changed/engineered by scientists become harmful to people, by adding components like the furin cleavage site for example.

the vaccines are extremely dangerous because they allow scientists to insert these engineered “trojan-horse” proteins (or mRNA/DNA) directly into the body bypassing the body’s natural defences. the vaccines are and always have been a bioweapon. if the human race survives this current war, there will be very big changes in the way people see science, medicine and government. if the human race survives, the “great reset” will be real but not the one that Bill Gates and the WEF planned.

your opinion might differ. that’s ok, but try to put aside 50 years of one-sided education and consider another possibility.


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