the virus component of the p…

the virus component of the pandemic is a misdirect. keep people focussed on the theories about viruses and possible outcomes and they’ll never see the true components of the pandemic or the shots. when knowledgeable people start drawing attention to the truth, they get killed or digitally disappeared. virus experts have been allowed to talk about mutations and breakthrough possibilities, and even controversial treatment options, because it keeps people misdirected and scared. arguing about ‘controversial’ treatment options implies that the virus is real.

the virus only exists on paper. anyone who helps to promote fear of the virus is complicit in mass murder and near-future totalitarianism, even if unintentional. but waking people up to the truth will be near impossible when so many virus theoreticians are helping to promote the lie.

countless people may die in the coming months and the non-existent variant will be blamed; another lie that many people will believe.

we need more miracles.

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