wow。掃描菲林又有驚喜! 由於著嘅衫同埋超瘦嘅身形,我…

wow。掃描菲林又有驚喜! 由於著嘅衫同埋超瘦嘅身形,我估呢啲相係大概1988/89年影嘅(當時食嘢真係食得少)。當時間唔中會影啲相嚟做個 Portfolio,派俾啲經紀公司(agency),希望可以拍到戲或者拍/影到廣告。


wow! another surprise from scanning our film! judging from the clothes and how skinny I was, I’m guessing that these photos were taken in 1988/89 (I wasn’t eating much at the time). from time to time, I’d take a series of photos to assemble a portfolio that we’d distribute to the local modelling/acting agencies.

white socks, black shoes!!!

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