Biden will soon be giving a …

Biden will soon be giving a State of the Union speech. It signals the beginning of the next phase of the biggest war in the history of mankind.

All across the planet, we are fighting World War III. The ultra elites with their paid-off/blackmailed henchmen aim to kill, maime and control the rest of us. They planned it for many years. This war will kill and bankrupt more people than ever before (without guns). Sadly, so many people are completely unaware that we’re already at war for the future of humanity.

The Russia/Ukraine “war” is a false flag, a distraction. Stop focussing on it and get back to the real issues at hand; v injury, food shortages, energy shortages, inflation, financial collapse (all of your mandatory retirement funds will be gone), Central Bank Digital Currencies, massive international fraud and finally the “control grid”. The main media lied about everything regarding covid. Do you think they’ll tell you the truth about the Russia/Ukraine war??? And in countries where they’re pulling back pandemic controls, they might even use the war as an excuse to declare new emergencies and redeploy the same (or worse) controls.

BUT, there’s one more thing. The WHO is preparing a “pandemic treaty” that will allow it to take full control of the “health” of every person on earth, superseding/usurping all governments. This would allow the WHO to declare lockdowns, v’s and any intervention it desires with absolute power. Without huge popular opposition, it will go into effect as early as 2024.

A Guide to a Pandemic Treaty

World War III is only just warming up.

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