To the useful idiots of the …

To the useful idiots of the world; politicians, CEOs, scientists, doctors, journalists, educators, news anchors, KOLs, celebrities, false pastors/priests;

someone should perhaps explain to you how psychopaths are special.

Psychopaths are wholly self-serving, and their supreme instinct is that of self-preservation. They have no compassion, no sense of gratitude and no sense of loyalty. They will be your friend as long as you serve a purpose, and then you’ll be kicked to the curb. Promises and guarantees will mean nothing. Their sense of achievement comes from successfully fooling and using others. This is true especially between psychopaths. There is no greater accomplishment than one psychopath being able to fool/use another psychopath.

So, given that useful idiots at the behest of psychopaths, representing 160 countries signed an agreement in 1994 in Cairo to reduce the world’s population to just 800 million by the year 2030, what makes you think that you’ll be one of the privileged few enjoying life at the end of the program, or that you and your family will even be alive?

Just something to think about while you sell out humanity..

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