Vaccines. Ask the right questions. Understand the reality.

In today’s world, words are everything, and while they mean one thing to the non-elite population, they can mean something entirely different to a special sector of people. Black means white and white means black. This is known as code speak.

All vaccines are real, including covid, polio, ebola, etc. They eradicate disease from the patient, are safe for the patient and are effective against the disease.

But the non-elite population have made, are making and continue to make false assumptions about the words being used and should be asking; Who is the patient? What is the disease?

Asking who is responsible for and finances the operation to eradicate the disease helps to discover the true answers. When you get the true answers, everything makes sense.

Vaccines are code speak for population control bioweapon devices.

To the people responsible for their design, production and distribution, the patient is the Earth and the disease is humanity. Recently, the disease has also come to include bees, livestock, fowl and even vegetables. These are not the target disease but they support the disease, and therefore to eradicate these serves to eradicate the target disease which in their minds is humanity.

So, the vaccines are real. There are no unwanted side-effects. They are truly safe and truly effective; *if* you know the true meaning of the words “vaccine”, “patient” and “disease”.

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